Friday, 20 May 2011

National Library

Opening Time at the National Library of Wales

A gulf of houses separates me from the ocean

swell that a sun gilded Old College seems to float upon,

Irregular town roofs form the surface of a choppy terracotta sea

which laps the shores of west Wales' Cambrian Galilee.

A rhythm of voices at my stern cackles like gulls

hungry to gorge themselves on freeze-dried chronicles, 

Passive listening blends the two languages together at my aft;

the sound of my ancestors calling to me from centuries back?

Saesneg and Gymraeg or English and Welsh

are the languages audible inside or outside of myself,

A litany of literary men await the solid oak door

to be pulled aside; revealing the womb open once more,

To walk along the well worn wooden corridor

toward the embryonic sanctuary of the reading room floor

"Drws ar agor"

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View from the National Library steps

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