Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Chavriots of Fire

'...root of all that is unholy in the capital these past days'

The riots have nothing to do with poverty, disaffection or budget cuts. Labour's bastard children have only got state-paternalism and multicultralism to blame. Oh, and themselves of course...

With much of London still burning and the Twittersphere still spinning after days of rioting and looting, the blame game has already begun. 'Community workers' are blaming the ConservaLibs' plans to reduce the deficit, claiming that this is reducing the effectiveness of the police at the same time as the cuts are increasing the disaffection of those from disadvantaged areas. The Conservatives seem quiet on the issue of blame, a silence born from a lack of either confidence or certainty. One thing is certain, nobody in authority is publicly blaming themselves, but they are all at least partly responsible. The Met Police and the Home Office are spouting the usual 'this has nothing to do with race' and 'we are talking to community leaders to resolve issues'. However, the elephant in the room is being ignored; that the majority of rioting and looting is taking place in parts of the capital which are also the most ethnically diverse. Let me make one thing clear, this blog makes no comment on any particular race or ethnicity, positive or negative. It does however, pursue the point that the multiculturalism experiment (as an 'ism') which was created by the liberal left and promulgated by both ends of the spectrum is at the root of all that is unholy in the capital these past days.

'State being too terrified of the liberal left's equality/human rights lobbies to actually seize the initiative and stamp out disorder'

ATM does not charge for withdrawals
What we are now witnessing is the hard-edged result of decades of soft-touch multicultural dreaming. The last 15 years have witnessed massive 'investment' in thousands of community outreach workers and Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) as well as many more spurious 'created' jobs in order to prevent a repeat of Brixton '81. However, despite this, indeed likely because of it, a severe over-sensitivity towards race relations gripped and then paralised successive Labour governments into inactivity. Both Blair and Brown's administrations completely failed to resolve any of the underlying socio-economic issues which have eventually and ultimately brought London to the brink. State-sponsored jobsworthyism has resulted in the organs of State being too terrified of the liberal left's equality/human rights lobbies to actually seize the initiative and stamp out disorder in racially sensitive areas. Rather, a policy of patronising the 'yoof' through the medium of CV writing skills classes and youth clubs has been the defining character of the government's approach over the last decade and a half. However, the deep routed social breakdown at the heart of the rioting will not be resolved by community outreach workers talking to community leaders in an attempt to stabilise the situation.  Outreach workers can't make arrests, community leaders aren't burning shops. The Conservalib government have inherited a socio-economic model which is fundamentally flawed. David Cameron must adapt policy in order to give social cohesion a chance. If ever a big society rather than a big state were needed, the time is now.

Survived the Blitz, destroyed by multiculturalism
Labour have managed to convince us all that multiculturalism is a positive thing, that to criticise the theory is an act of racism. This is not true of course, criticism of one 'ism' does not make one into an 'ist', the concept of multiculturalism is an entirely subjective and politicised theory which suggests that people of all cultures can live side-by-side in harmony. Conversely, the facts are such that North London plays host to vast social ghettos of people from all over the world who insulate themselves from British values. The ridiculous racial over-sensitivity which has been at the forefront of the Met's policing philosophy since Brixton '81 and the Stephen Lawrence inquest has brought the country to a position where the youth in these areas see no authority in the police or the rule of law. They are now behaving accordingly; lawlessly. 

Time and again we have heard these last few days 'I can't believe that this is happening in Britain'. It's not, it's happening in areas of the country where Britishness is absent.

'...time we stopped draining our GDP away paying for spurious public servants who do unaccountable, intangible and ineffectual work'

The solution lay in not being afraid of stating and dealing in truth. It is a shame that local Labour MPs David Lammy and Diane Abbot spent 13 years denying the reality on the ground, when they could have spent that time (and money) actually dealing with the socio-economic dissaffection which is at the root of all this. Germany's Angela Merkel has publicly stated that multiculturalism has 'utterly failed', so should we for admitting that there is a problem is always the first step towards finding a cure. For now, May and Cameron have to restore order and confidence to the streets by means of a show of force. Reinforcing the Police with troops ring-fenced for civil emergency in  Northern Ireland and who are trained for just such lawlessness on home soil would be a good place to start. In the long term, it's time we stopped draining our GDP away paying for spurious public servants who do unaccountable, intangible and ineffectual 'work' in these areas and use that money for more police officers. 
Lawlessness can only be annulled by the firm rule of law. This applies in the long-term as much as it does in the short-term. 
In short, a few less of carrots, a bit more stick. Permanently.

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  1. Er...we saw randon violence and thuggery in Greece 2 years ago involving Greek youth (sparked by a death, as it happens).We saw random violence and the smashing up of a city centre a few weeks ago in Canada (Vancouver)after a HOCKEY game.Riots in Spain last September turned a day of protest into looting. Riots in Greece (again) killed 3 bank workers.Groups of masked and hoodies rampaged in a riot through Rome attacking police, smashing windows, setting fire to vehicles and throwing up barricades last year...I could go on.I agree with you that England may be best if its mono-cultural.But the laws on riot were brought in in the 19th century because of lawless tendencies in what would now be called the 'underclass'.How are they going to be deslt with?

  2. Good article!
    But even as Angela Merkel has stated that multiculturalism has failed, she and other politicians (even from her party) still continue with this policy.
    Talk is cheap.